Fruit “Gone Bad”? Don’t Toss it….

All week we’ve been sharing grocery shopping tips, tricks to stocking your pantry and saving on food cost in general. Today we have a few ideas on how to use fruit ” gone bad”, aka, bananas that are too ripe and orange peels or bad apples. It’s easy to toss them out, but just as easy to use them if you know what to do! These are just a couple that are used and purchased most often here at our house: Apples, Oranges and Bananas

When you have ripe bananas, of course you can just whip up a banana bread, pancakes and even muffins… but if you aren’t ready to do that you can freeze them till you are. Just peel and put them in a Ziploc bag to store in your freezer. The options are endless on how to use them:

Toss one in your breakfast ( or dessert) smoothies, like here, here, and here

Use them in baking, pull out what you need to thaw first then- banana bread is good but also mashed bananas can be used as a substitute for part of the oil in many baking recipes and can also be used instead of eggs. Try making this delicious healthy Chocolate Banana Souffle as a dessert

Dip frozen bananas in melted dark chocolate for dessert too as we did here!

Next is a tip for scraps from apples and oranges and is perfect fall and winter


If you have any bad apples ( whether the texture is off or it’s bruised) or you just had it as a snack you can cut it up, use the core and simmer on your stove with cinnamon sticks or other spices like clove or nutmeg.  We also add in scraps from oranges, the peels and lemon peels too.  It will add humidity to the dry winter air in your home and smell so good.  Think about the savings on candles and wall scent plugs…