First, this happened( above)  Knox is officially crawling and pulling up to stand all on his own.  He wanted to help us move, you know, to our very own house ( well it’s a 2000 sq/ft condo in Chicago, but still!)  We are so excited and beyond thrilled to have secured this gorgeous home in our favorite neighborhood, close to our sitter and close to work and so close to the lake/ downtown!  It’s been pretty crazy, but already we know we will be getting back to our original blog posting REAL photos of food!  I know it’s gotten more family and baby skewed here, but it was hard to take nice pictures in our rental.  Now we have THIS gorgeous new kitchen that is connected to the living space, so we COOK MORE!!  Yayayayayaya:

The Kitchen!

Whew, moving is HARD! but we’re all in



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