Happy Fall!


Knox loves the park and the swing!


Lincoln Park Zoo


Graceland Cemetary


Football Sundays


Knox is 6 months old ( Oct 17th)

fall6 fall7OCT


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  I made Knox a penguin costume, he was adorable, it was so worth it!


Knox can sit up unassisted- watch out!


He got mommy’s eyes, we can’t believe he went blue ( well slate, gray, green blue, like his mommy!)


My 30th Birthday, all month long

OCt_Birthday Cheesecake

This is Kathy Biagi’s cheesecake- all you need to know is she shared a piece for my birthday and it’s the best cheesecake on earth- that is all.

OCT5 oct_el

Jason surprised me with a fabulous dinner to El Ideas with Rob and Laura, he picked out a ton of wine to go with our meal.

“The brainchild of Chef/Owner Phillip Foss, EL Ideas’ mission statement is to ‘redefine fine dining’. By removing pretension and preconceptions from the fine dining arena, Michelin starred EL Ideas has carved a niche that separates itself. A small BYOB restaurant in a little known Chicago neighborhood, guests can enjoy a relaxed and unique setting not generally associated with restaurants serving cutting edge cuisine. Interaction with the chefs and fellow diners is not only welcome, it is very common for guests to join the chefs in the kitchen during the meal to ask questions, take photos, and discuss trends.

EL Ideas’ motto of  “Question Everything” pertains to the cuisine as much as it does to the environment in which it is served. The cuisine reflects the approach, whims, standards and experience developed by Chef Phillip Foss (Quilted GiraffeLe Cirque, Lockwood). Culinary ideas span from redefining known flavors  to outside the box flavor pairings and methods of serving. Click here for some samples of our cuisine.”


On my actual Wednesday day birthday, Jason made sure I had a big ole cake!  I spent the day off of work with Knox, we walked at the park, snuggled and waited for daddy to come home for dinner and cake time 🙂

Thank you Jason for an incredible 30th birthday, you are my rock and I love you