August Snapshot

Aug_AnniversarySteak Aug_AnniversaryWine

We celebrated our second anniversary at home with a fancy steak dinner served on our wedding China and delicious wine from our Napa honeymoon reserves, danced to our wedding song in the living room- it was perfect and romantic, Knox was so accommodating!


Delicious oysters at Dusek’s Board and Beer 1227 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Aug_Garden Aug_Garden2

Gorgeous garden bounty, Jason is an incredible gardener- I did nothing to help out in the yard this year exceot feed the baby and cheer Jason on- oh and I ate a lot of tomatoes!


Jason whipped up this clever tomato “burger” with avocado and black beans, cilantro and cotija cheese- it was brilliant


We enjoyed the Air and Water show from our friend’s rooftop in Lakeview, Knox wasn’t a fan of the crowd, but was a champ with his naps while we were out- it was great!

August_Brunch NIghtwood

Breakfast concoction at none other: Nightwood’s brunch


We went on a date night out to the USA basketball game, it was a real treat and we enjoyed all the fare: popcorn, hot dog’s and very expensive cheap beers!
AUGUST2Knox and I at Joe’s rooftop party and art show

Augroof JulySHow 10603292_10202533579327883_6073615344774832559_n

there’s daddy in a picture- finally!!

Aug roofmore rooftop fun!