Our Baby Shower- the Sweets!

March_Shower Sweets March_Shower_Sweets 1655868_10201686520911952_912704197_n 1780921_10201686517311862_1558421164_n 1911901_10201686516231835_1169762618_n 1978743_10201686518271886_231302131_n

Nothing is sweeter then being showered by all of those you love!  We were so blessed to have had our baby shower hosted by my mom and sister- they truly put together my dream shower, it was lovely, simple, beautiful, and delicious!  My mom made the most delectable macaroons, a cake was made by the Cakery with my Pinterest inspired Whale topper- gorgeous AND delicious, Laura spoiled me by making her gorgeous cake pops ( she made them for our wedding shower too- she’s so talented!!)  We are so excited, and now very stocked up and ready to welcome our baby boy to the world!


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