FEB_HomesteadRestaurant Week


“The annual culinary celebration features special prix fixe menus starting at $22 for lunch and $33 and/or $44 for dinner (excluding beverages, tax and gratuity).

Over 250 restaurants take part so get a taste of the city’s rich, culinary diversity: Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, Thai and more! Between the neighborhood favorites and downtown hotspots, you can feast on delicious multi-course menus all across the city and suburbs.” LINK for 2015

We enjoyed a wonderful meal with our friends Heather and Fernando at Homestead on the Roof

” The impressive roof deck draws crowds in nicer weather, but Homestead now stays open year-round, and their flavorful menu is worth a trudge through the snow. Their Restaurant Week menu features the Loup de Mer I had recently, with perfectly crisped skin and flaky, slightly-sweet flesh flavored perfectly with savory Serrano ham. The dessert menu is a highlight with Chris Teixeira’s ingenious flavor pairings. A tangy buttermilk sherbet is flavored with sweet beets and served alongside deeply rich chocolate flecked with fragrant thyme. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that it’s all on top of a luscious bed of marshmallow. Homestead on the Roof’s restaurant week menu is $33 for 3 courses and $44 for 4 courses for dinner.” — Melissa McEwen

Homestead on the Roof is located at 1924 W. Chicago Ave.