August is half full

Summer is such a special time of year, it’s the time to try new experiences, travel, spend outdoor active time with friends and family, enjoy the sun on your skin, late night bon fires and smores, camping, boating, the good stuff in life.  We have been blessed with a wonderful summer, just enough must do’s have been checked off our list, we’ve certainly been eating well and now we are halfway through August.  Here’s a look at what we’ve had on our plates:


1146619_10200439893147037_906172817_nSailing with friends on Lake Michigan at sunset


lazy Sundays cuddling with this guy




Family reunion for Joe’s military retirement, bonus= spending time with our new gorgeous baby niece 🙂


Jason’s photo documentary of the O’Connor family farms


Jason’s day job, on set, so cool

1173732_10200468385099318_2089751967_nWALKING TACOS are the new black, and Big Star knows how to do it up:


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