Catch up: July

July flew by- that rhymes and is so true. Here’s a glimpse of what we were up to from Rivinia on the 4th to wallpaper removal and repainting our ‘urban kitchen’, Nana’s for dinner, babysitting and dinner at 90 Miles to Cuba:




Happy 4th of July from Rivinia with Laura and Rob, where we saw Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls, hello 90’s!



Gorgeous muggy Chicago night to see Dawe’s at Music in the Park!


Nana’s, Jason is helping them update their website with his gorgeous food photography.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner there which included this amazing appetizer:,  the crispy chickpea frites with date agradolche, garlic aioli, and Harissa honey


This girl loves being outside with auntie Amber and uncle JJ


Claud can climb ladders- who knew, but behind him is the wallpaper, we literally deflowered the kitchen and it looks so good!


Lunch on the patio at Simone’s


Turkey legs on the grill, idea sounded awesome, but it was a total FAIL, wah wah


La Palapa, where we made the video on Mancow’s show… we were on a break from painting and gross,, but the seafood here is so fresh and delish, we can’t believe we waited so long to try it out- BONUS= BYOB


Hot day= perfect for Perez margaritas in Pilsen


A much needed night out after a day of painting to 90 miles to Cuba, BYOB and delish


AFTER, the big reveal, we love the bright clean new kitchen we have to create our yummy recipes and share with YOU!


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