Bulk Bins= BIG savings

Another great way to save!

These are your best friends; you can get just about everything from these ” bulk bins”- grains, dried beans, lentils, rice, seeds, snacks, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate covered goodies, every spice on earth, for very cheap prices.  You pack it, you label it, they weigh it- you save 80% because you aren’t paying for a label, a jar, packaging processes etc. etc.  Whole Foods has the most comprehensive selection, even though the rest of the store is not affordable.  Learn what you use most often:

Do you find yourself buying rice from a box that only lasts you one meal?  Snack a lot on nuts and pay $10 for a small bag of em? Or do you just need 1 cup of some crazy new grain that you want to try out before buying a larger prepacked bag?  It’s a great way to get just what you need, or stock up on things you use frequently.


We have canisters for rice and flours that we stock up from the bulk bins.  We use whole wheat pastry flour in all baked goods for the extra protien and fiber, brown rice, barley, grains, and spices ( below)

20121030-102835.jpg20121030-102846.jpgWe got some jars with lids at $1.00 a piece at Bed Bath and Beyond, or we refill existing containers ( McCormick etc.) and we store extra bags of bulk bin product in sealed containers.  Keep everything labeled and you have saved yourself plenty of extra cash.


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