Grange Hall Burger Bar Restaurant Review


This new burger restaurant popped up on the ever growing strip of Randolph Street between Halsted and Ogden.  They use wonderful grass fed hormone free beef and you can literally taste the freshness and the difference.  We loved that you got to pick your meat ( beef, turkey, veggie)- size of patty ( 6oz or 9oz), type of bun, cheese and additional toppings. They come with mayo/ mustard/ ketchup/ pickles/ lettuce/ tomato/ onion- BUT you can make great combos like Jason’s ( pictured) that has local applewood smoked bacon and a fried egg on top.  Their sides are so unique and really flavorful- the fennel baked beans are awesome with bacon, and white onions, and the Cucumber Ranch-style potato salad with lots of egg and green peppers will inspire our own potato salad to get an update!  Check them out: