Restaurant Review: Davanti Enoteca

Davanti is a great new spot in Little Italy, it has quickly become so popular that the wait can be 1-2 hours.  The interior is rustic, wine bar with large windows and a great atmosphere.  We chose to go there for lunch, which is a great option so you don’t have to wait.  The menu features a nice selection of cheese and meats that you can select indivudually and on Fridays they do a 3 for $12, 4 for $14, or 5 for $17 deal.  Instead, we went with the homemade ricotta and local honey comb from the “Vasi” menu section- and it was AMAZING.  The bread was fresh and warm, the ricotta- so smooth and rich and that honey was perfection to top it all off:

Next we had the beets, roasted, with walnut butter, candied walnuts and creme fraishe.  It was a great mix of flavors, we love beets and goat cheese!  The beets were sliced a little large so the balance was off, but they still tasted great:

Then we tried their polenta “of the day” which has a tomato and sausage sauce- this was incrdible, the polenta was white and creamy- perfect and they served it from the sauce pan on to our table on a cutting boad then topped it with the sausage goodness- this was so warm, comforting, hearty… so perfect for the snowy afternoon we were having:

Next was a ravioli, a giant one, filled with ricotta, a soft cooked egg and spinach in a butter sauce.  The pasta was a little thick around the edges and not anything “special” but the flavors of the runny yolk with the spinach and ricotta made for a nice rich filling ( we’d probably not get this again…):

by now, we were stuffed but had alrady gone for it- a pizze.  It sounded so good- garlic, chili oil, kale, prosciutto with fresh mozzarella… Jason liked it, I wasn’t impressed.  I think pizzes should be light thin cracker crisp crust with light toppings that have a perfect flavor punch, and this was just too thick, not crisped up, heavy cheese, and the prosciutto was just thick pepperoni.  Again, Jason enjoyed it, and the leftovers, he claims, were even better then fresh…

and of course, we were celebrating after getting engaged, with some prosecco and wine off their very extensive list.  Both were perfect!  Definately give this little spot a try, we think it will be fun to go back and just do the fresh cheeses, meats and wine with some friends!