delicious and cheap summer white wine

Every once in a while we find out something that surprises us… who knew we’d like white wine??  Well one afternoon after stocking up on the BULK BINS in Whole Foods we went by to check out the cheeses ( of course!) and there was a nice young man sampling wine… why  not!  So we tried this one above and it is only $8.99 and so delicious, crisp and refreshing.  Not too sweet and not to dry it is perfect for the summer heat wave!  On a side note: I know Whole Foods= Whole Paycheck etc. but the bulk bins there are incredible for stocking up on pantry staples and it is CHEAPER then buying it packaged, plus you only have to buy what you want to use.  We fill up or spices jars there for less then a dollar, and dried fruit for recipes like our Fig Muffins can be bought in a 1 cup measurement for $3.00 instead of buying a bag that has more than you need for double the cost, AND they sell all sorts of fun flours ( whole wheat pastry flour, sorghum flour, I could go on) so check it out and give it a try, and then steer clear of the rest of the aisles to stay on your budget… unless you want some cheese which you can get a small sliver cut for you to buy at a reduced cost and of course this great bottle of wine… and a fresh baguette ( 1.49!) yummmm