Brunch at Simmone’s

Breakfast burger, perfectly cooked beef ( burgers are good here), fried egg on top intensifies the richness.  Ate the bacon separate from the burger…

Caramelized red onion, mozzarella and bacon omelet topped with avocado and served with hash browns- sounded perfect… unfortunately, it’s hard to find a good cooked omelet out- as you can see it’s a golden brown crust- yuck.  The onions were sauteed in a gallon of oil at best- not caramelized… and in a pool of grease you could see glistening fried hash browns.  The bacon was not crisp, rather a little on the rubbery side…. The toast- very good! 
Overall for Simone’s BRUNCH: The service,- fantastic, the outdoor patio- heavenly, but stick with drinks at and lunch/ dinner for this spot because brunch was heavy on the grease, low on the freshness and no good.